The English Department is formed by six teachers:
Carolina Steinmeyer
Carolina Camacho
Marcela Montt
Angélica Romo
Javiera Guzmán
Cecilia Gambino (Department Coordinator)
 This group of teachers works with students from Playgroup to 12th grade and aims to develop students’ ability to communicate accurately, appropriately, and effectively and to prepare these young generations to face the challenges they will encounter with the English language. 
As a department, we focus on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and encourage students to develop these four core abilities, which are essential to communicate.
Each class is organized according to students different interests, ideas and are presented in a variety of different ways in which language can be used.
Students give individual class presentations to gain experience in communicating clearly and sustaining the attention of an audience. They
also develop listening skills through practical class activities and group discussion.
As students progress moves forward, they learn to evaluate information for specific purposes, gaining a more sophisticated understanding of register and awareness of style in both formal and informal situations.
One of the main concerns is to prepare these young generations to face the coming
challenges they will encounter