Our objective is to give our students the opportunity to learn English, in an integral and holistic way, with the purpose of becoming part of a globalized society which demands more and more each year.

Our School’s vision is to prepare our students to face the world we live in with the necessary tools that will allow them the confidence and knowledge to decide which road to take, whichever this path may be, by the end of High School.

Being competent in English will open a world of possibilities for them, from a career that will demand a good command of English, or to study abroad if that is what they would like to do.

English continues to be one of the most spoken languages in the world. From understanding the lyrics of a song, a series on tv, to an interview on the news, and so much more.


Currently we are going through a transition year, where our students are becoming more and more familiar with being immersed in a 90-100% English spoken lesson, in which they practice listening, speaking, reading and writing and also listen and repeat the correct pronunciation and use of the English language.

As the SJVA English Department , we are being trained in all the most current pedagogical methodologies and approaches, in order to be able to give each of our students the tools they need, according to their individual characteristics. 

During the first semester, we trained and worked with Kagan’s structures, which is fantastic to promote collaboration and cooperation within a class.

As of this second semester, we will work with one of the most prestigious teaching- learning currents, derived from Project Zero, from Harvard University, Learning for understanding, which we consider to be the best in order to work with the diversity of students that are present in every classroom.

We are constantly preparing ourselves to give the best to our students and intend, together with our Principal, to slowly increase the number of hours of English, especially in Primary school, where all bases are set.

The way we are working right now,in terms of number of hours per cycle, is as follows:

Pre- School,

Playgroup, PK and K, have 5 hours of English a week.

Primary School,

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, have 7 hours of English a week.

5th and 6th grades, have 6 hours of English a week.

High School,

7th and 8th grades have 5 hours of English a week.

9ht and 10th graders have 4 hours of English a week.

And 11th and 12th grades, 2 hours a week, mainly because of their preparation for PAES and everything related to it, as “electivos” and rehearsals for PAES.


We base our lessons on the communicative approach and the teaching – learning process responds to the constructivist one, where our students are the main aim, the protagonists who take control of their learning process, and we are their facilitators and mediators of knowledge.

There are no longer Advanced and Blue levels, except for 11th and 12th graders, who will be the last ones. The reason is to work according to what Decreet 67 (from Mineduc), suggests, and that is to work with the diversity in a classroom, not separating the students into two levels, but leveling the entire class up.

As English teachers and Department, we follow the standards of the CEFR, Common European framework,(for general purposes) which are recognised worldwide and internationally recognized. 

We hope and expect that in a short to medium period of time, our students will be able to be certified when reaching a certain grade or level ( Starters,Movers, Flyers,Ket, Pet, FCE, CAE).


Saint John’s English Department Staff, 2022.


1.Santiago Herrera
2.Carolina Camacho
3.Claudia Pizarro
4.Macarena Casado
5.Johanna Velásquez
6.Ana Maria Molina
7.Paula Contreras (Head of English Department)